Hi, I’m Bradley Short. I’m a marketing director working from my home in Austin, Texas.


I'm a well-rounded startup marketer with 8 years of experience in B2B and nearly 5 years in SaaS. I’ve also been known to take on some consumer marketing projects as well - just to keep things interesting - but the foundation of my career lies in creating and then executing on strategies to reach specific types of professionals and turn them into clients who love us.


My office-mates, Edie and Indy.


I’ve worn many hats over the course of my career so far (check out my LinkedIn to see for yourself!). Despite having a generalist background, I’ve developed a particular knack in recent years for generating demand for a niche SaaS product, converting and nurturing targeted prospects into engaged leads for my sales team, and building systems to make the whole process work better next time.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing guitar, going to shows, riding my bike, reading nerdy books and comics (a current favorite here!), swimming, and spending quality time with my spouse and our perfect dogs. I mean, just look at them!